If you wish to see how people lived and dressed in Luras at the end of the 19th century you cannot miss the permanent exhibition at the Tamponi-Perantoni Mansion, in the centre of the village near the Town Hall.

Elegant women’s dresses and dayswear are combined with men’s more traditional outfits in this unique collection. Accessories and original photos will give you a feeling of the life in the village at that time.

The Tamponi-Perantoni Mansion itself deserves a visita. Built at the end of the XIX century, it clearly show a Liberty influence in its façade and the internal frescos. Also beautiful the internal court, with a small portico and garden; and the roof top from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. For visits and information contact the Pro Loco Luras at +39-347-7462978.


Silk gown (detail)