Home is where the heart is

Pliny the Elder


Sa Mariola is part of a project to preserve and develop my family’s heritage.
The old vineyard house was built in the second half of the 19th century and lays amid the typical Sardinian landscape. The garden is dotted with oaks and cherry trees and sweet scented by roses, aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as the wildflowers of the Mediterranean shrubland.
The estate includes the vineyard planted by my grandfather in 1915. Most of the original grape vines are still productive and their uniqueness is the secret ingredient of “Ru”, a rosé wine whose colour and bouquet recall the tenacious delicacy of the wild rose from which it takes its name.

This is the place a call “home” and where my professional and personal passions are evenly balanced.


My background is in Humanities and I have integrated linguistics, literature and psychology with management expertise, working within and with organizations of varied sectors, dimensions and cultures.

I’m particularly interested in project management and organizational storytelling. I have contributed to the following publications:



Sa Mariola is located in the borough of Luras, a small village whose history dates back to the prehistoric times as manifested by the various dolmen and Nuraghi in its territory.

One of the 585 Italian “Città del Vino”, Luras is particularly known for its “Nebbiolo” and “Vermetino”. The “Galluras” Ethnographic Museum, the surprising artistic legacy of the Forteleoni Collection and the annual event “Domos Abbeltas” are some of the examples of how Luras maintains its strong cultural traditions.

The village is surrounded by Lake Liscia with its thousand-year-old olive trees and Monte Limbara, with its granite “sculptures”. Just beyond, the coast of North-East Sardinia opens up into a constellation of beautiful beaches and small coves.

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